Our Story

Ghost Strong Gear is a sibling company to Ghost Strong, which offers our patent-pending J-cups and a variety of other innovative and quality equipment. Ghost Strong Gear is focused on offering functional and stylish apparel and accessories to market our brand.

Our Name

We chose the name Ghost Strong because it represents setting your goals, keeping your mouth shut, and working your ass off until you can prove it when it counts. We aren’t about talking, or selfies, or blabbing about lifts. Instead, our motto is Success over Swagger.

We want our customers to wear our gear with pride and to embody our motto. But, if you have to take gym selfies, at least do it in our gear and tag us @ghoststrongequipment and @ghoststronggear.

Our People

For over 20 years, I have been a weightlifter, powerlifter, bodybuilder and physique athlete, so I can appreciate comfortable, functional workout clothing. I’m using my creativity and attention to detail to add integrity to the brand, and to offer items that will not only make customers look good, but feel good while training.

I co-own Ghost Strong Gear with my husband. He spearheads the equipment side of Ghost Strong where he mixes his career of running a metal fabrication shop with his hobby as a master’s powerlifter. Our equipment products can be found at www.ghoststrong.com.